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Too Much Never Enough



Donald Trump writes the author early on in this scathing critique, “understands nothing about history, constitutional principles, geopolitics, diplomacy (or anything else, really.)” Her account of a night spent at the Trump International Hotel begins with her discomfort at finding her name plastered on every object in the room: “TRUMP shampoo…TRUMP shoe polish, TRUMP sewing kit, and TRUMP bathrobe….I opened the refrigerator, grabbed a split of TRUMP white wine, and poured it down my Trump’s throat so it could course through my Trump bloodstream and hit the pleasure center of my Trump’s brain.”

As readers will quickly realize, there is a fate worse than having Donald J. Trump as president: being related to him. The author describes wandering around her house in shock the morning after the 2016 election. “It felt,” she writes, “as though 62,979,636 voters had chosen to turn this country into a macro version of my malignantly dysfunctional family.” Few fairy tales were even colder and greedier than the story of Donald’s father, Fred Trump; the author, who specializes in psychopathology, prefers the technical term, “high-functioning sociopath.”

Donald and his siblings were “essentially motherless” from a very early age, and they were subjected to an ongoing form of abuse summarized by the book’s title. But once Donald was tapped as his father’s favorite, he was ushered into the proverbial counting-house while his siblings were left to fight for the scraps. The author’s father was repeatedly humiliated and all but disowned, and he was left to die alone. The author’s aunt “wouldn’t have been able to feed herself or her son” without Crisco cans of dimes and quarters collected from the laundry machines in the Trump apartments, sneaked to her by her mother. And it goes on, coming to a head in the unbelievable story of Fred Trump’s will. Does Mary Trump, Ph.D., have an ax to grind? Sure. So do we all.


  • gerald t. slevin Posted November 30, -0001 12:00 am

    This is an insightful, well written, yet disturbing book by Mary Trump, Ph.D., an experienced psychologist, about the continually warped and lifelong misbehavior of her emotionally damaged uncle, President Donald Trump, and his dysfunctional family history that helps us to understand better his misbehavior.My Harvard Law mentor, later Watergate prosecutor, Archibald Cox, was shocked by Nixon’s misdeeds. He would be in disbelief at the greater and ongoing misdeeds of Trump, who has now corruptly commuted Roger Stone’s sentence to assure Stone would not testify about Trump’s pivotal and disloyal role in Russian rigging of Trump’s 2016 election. Even Nixon did not abuse his presidential powers of commutation and pardon! Almost 50 of Nixon’s accomplices, including 2 Attorney Generals, were later convicted of Nixon related felonies after Nixon resigned. AG Bill Barr, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Pence, et al. surely have noted this nervously as they likely work on their individual pardon requests.Dr. Mary Trump confirms that there is both a continuous history and calculated method to her Uncle Donald’s seemingly lifelong psychological disorder — his constant goal has been to advance his personal interests only, too hell with everyone else, including his siblings, his wives and even his children and their children. His lifelong record, Mary narrates, has involved continually cheating, lying, cruelty, revenge, bullying, unfaithfulness, betrayal, greed, lust and worse, all of which clearly remain part of his daily toolkit.Dr. Mary Trump’s excellent book also indicates that Uncle Donald can be expected to do whatever he possibly can to try to stay out of jail and to survive after he loses this November’s election. Trump’s defensive efforts will be pursued regardless of who gets hurt, whether hundreds of thousands of senior COVID pandemic victims or even more schoolchildren being forced to attend unsafe schools in order to help inflate further the Federal Reserve’s already inflated stock market to help Donald’s rapidly diminishing reelection prospects.With only 4% of the world’s population, the U.S. has suffered with 25% of the world’s COVID cases and almost 25% of the world’s COVID deaths. Why are Americans suffering at 6 times the world’s average? Why are many millions more Americans unemployed than European workers? The most evident reason is the self-interested, corrupt, incompetent and reckless leadership of Donald Trump explained in this book.This book makes clear that Trump’s father subsidized Donald’s earliest business failures and funded, with an inheritance of hundreds of millions of dollars, Donald’s subsequent business failures that Donald often still tries hard to keep secret. Of course, his four significant business bankruptcies were not hoaxes, nor can they be blamed on the Fake Media! These colossal failures indicate Trump’s longstanding managerial incompetence that hundreds of millions of Americans are seeing almost daily at present, while tens of thousands of them perish monthly due often to his mismanagement of the COVID response.Mary Trump has filled in many blanks that help explain how Trump became such a cruel, corrupt, ruthless and self-centered person. An over-bearing father, an under-bearing mother, unprincipled siblings, inherited wealth, a spoiled upbringing, a flawed personality with limited intelligence from the get-go, etc., have all produced a person who is now a clear and present danger to the public health, economy and security of the U.S., as well as of the world generally. He just doesn’t care other than about himself, and this book makes a strong case that he cannot care if he even wanted to, given his lifelong negative psychological development.Truly, as one top psychiatrist who has followed and written about Donald’s psychological history closely expressed, Trump is now an EVIL person, as this psychiatrist noted recently in a TV interview discussing the importance of this book.If you read the book. you will find out for yourself!With the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision giving the state prosecutor in Manhattan a clear path to Trump’s financial and tax records, Trump now knows he cannot avoid facing NY’s criminal laws against financial and tax fraud. Neither AG Barr nor Rudy Giuliani can save him from facing major charges, which cannot be avoided for much longer.Trump may think he can buy some time by getting re-elected president, but he can neither rig nor stop the NY investigations of his, his siblings’ and his children’s seemingly criminal conduct. Trump cannot pardon himself or anyone else for NY state law crimes, nor pardon himself for federal crimes despite some of his followers’ wishful thinking to the contrary. Even if Trump pardons Pence, then resigns, followed by President Pence pardoning him for federal crimes, Trump would still face potentially serious state criminal charges in Manhattan.Donald Trump’s goose is cooked! All that is open is how soon will the legal fire begin and how long it will take to cook.But Trump won’t likely give up without first pulling out all stops, no matter who else gets hurt in the process. He can be expected to refuse to accept Joe Biden’s victory, by claiming without evidence election fraud.Trump can also be expected to try to provoke some of his heavily armed racist supporters to rebel against his election defeat. This prospect is evident in many of Donald’s actions and statements, including his calling Black Life Matters protestors terrorists, his tweeting with implicit approval of a link to his 2 heavily armed supporters menacingly pointing their weapons at peaceful Black Lives Matter protestors, his well-planned use of Federal troop and police resources to attack peaceful protestors near the White House, his defense of violent Charlottesville white nationalists’ excesses, his constant reference to protecting 2nd Amendment gun rights, etc.This over-the-top approach to local situations was recently adopted by Trump’s very supportive Georgia governor who unnecessarily sent into Atlanta National Guard troops to deal with some violence already being handled adequately by Atlanta police.The possibility of Trump provoking an armed rebellion to justify his using Federal forces, to enable him to stay in power longer, cannot be overlooked. We have not yet seen what Donald Trump is capable of when cornered and cornered he is.Of course, Trump is not beyond doing the unthinkable, as we have learned so often during the last 4 years. He may even seek asylum and protection in Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang or Istanbul to join one of his “good autocratic friends”! They all would love the opportunity to shame the U.S., as Trump already has done so often. Stranger things have happened under this President.All Americans, as well as all people of good will in the world, owe Dr. Mary Trump a debt of gratitude for her valuable and timely book explaining the cause of so much grief.MAGA —Make America Grieve Again!

  • Nick Nicholas, MSW Posted November 30, -0001 12:00 am

    Bookstore shelves are overladen with anti-Trump books. Do we need another and what can one more book add that we don’t know already? The answer to the first question is a resounding “yes” with the book being reviewed being an example. The answer to the second is that none of the books — until this one — provides an inside vantage point that only a family member can supply. It is fair to question the author’s motives. She states “Donald, following the lead of my grandfather and with the complicity, silence, and inaction of his siblings, destroyed my father. I can’t let him destroy my country.”In some respects, the book relieves the president of responsibility for his behavior. The president’s personality and behavior were largely due to Trump’s father. Donald Trump is an exemplar of the saying “as the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” The father, Fred Trump, was a sociopathic, cruel, bullying, serial liar, and the author shows in chilling detail how the more malleable Donald Trump followed the pattern set by his father.However, Trump also is proof that personality and behavior are not wholly a matter of mimicry. The president is his father’s second son, and the first son, Fred Trump, Jr., rejected his father’s style of doing business after a short stint of working for him, and he became an airline pilot until his alcoholism forced him from that career. The author of this book shows how the current president voluntarily followed the example set by his father. He was an eager and capable student.The mental health profession has adopted a principle that has become known as the Goldwater Rule. This rule prohibits a mental health professional making a diagnosis from a distance, one based solely on media reports and without the practitioner interviewing and testing the subject. Has the author here violated the Goldwater Rule? No. She bases her diagnoses on direct, personal observations. She is in a unique position to make a valid, qualified assessment because she is a clinical psychologist armed with a PhD.She has many chilling incidents to share. The future president paying someone to take a college entrance exam for him is only the beginning of a life based on deceit. The author deftly crafts a compelling narrative rather than provide us with a disjointed litany of bad acts. The latter quickly would have become boring. However, this book grabs the reader from the very beginning, and compels attention until the short book is completed. The author also spices the book with her sly sense of humor.This book is very highly recommended, especially for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the forces driving the current president. It is unfortunate that those who most need to read this book won’t, or if they do read the book, then it will be dismissed as self-serving drivel from a “libtard”. They do so at their own peril. The president’s mockery of his father and role model succumbing to Alzheimer’s should be a lesson for us all.

  • CHARLIE Posted November 30, -0001 12:00 am

    I woke up this morning to find that the Kindle version of Mary Trump’s book about her uncle, the President, had arrived.My husband and I had several books about Trump, which he largely read out loud to me, but since his death I have gotten rid of most of them and have not ordered more. No need to go there. We all see the truth daily and I wallow in despair about him enough.I ordered this book and will read it because it was a chance to find some truth, written by someone who actually knows things and is trained to assess them. I hoped that it was not written as an act of revenge, at least not entirely. I needed to understand what has happened to us all and a country about which I care.I have read the prologue and will finish the book.I am writing to say that, while some revenge may linger around the edges, this is a book worthy of reading, written by an educated fellow traveller on our disastrous trip. We should all read it because then we can at last know and understand what has happened to us.My husband, a psych major, and I, always curious about why people act as they do, spent hours discussing what made Trump Trump. Well, here are the answers and they are more complicated than the bits of it reported in the press can explain.It is well written, tries to be honest, and is a fascinating study of a deeply flawed “sick” man who has changed our country for good and, sadly, bad. Most importantly it answers our collective question, How Could This Have Happened.Mary writes from our own sad point of view, with more knowledge than we possess, and with more pain than we possess, and that is saying something.I hope you read it.

  • Katherine E. Posted November 30, -0001 12:00 am

    I read the Kindle version of this book in its entirety, and I think both Dr. Trump’s position within her family and her professional standing as a psychologist lend great credibility to the veracity of her observations. What she describes is indeed alarming, though I doubt anyone would be genuinely surprised. At the time of this writing, over 130,000 Americans are dead from a virus we saw coming and had time to face head-on, if only we had taken what we had seen happening in Italy and China throughout February 2020 seriously. Instead, we were told on February 26th “there are fifteen cases and pretty soon it’ll be close to zero”. We know now, as we should have surmised then, that this was a most dangerous deception. This is simply one example of the toxic combination of depravity and sheer incompetence that has infested our nation. An incompetence found repeatedly throughout Dr. Trump’s book, but one that no one seemingly had the courage to bring to the light of day until now. Her writing style is easy to read and simple to follow, and I commend her for this work. It was an excellent read, and one that will surely find its place in the history books when future generations look back at the horrors of today and try to make sense of it all. Bravo, Dr. Trump!

  • Coffee lover Posted November 30, -0001 12:00 am

    It is striking that so much of Dr. Trump’s education and experience culminates in this incredible book. Dr. Trump has expertise with her psychology degree work, along with teaching graduate courses on trauma, such as from her family, and psychopathology, such as her uncle and grandfather. And she has training in English literature which shines in this well written book.Dr. Trump, please do consider writing more books. I love your writing skills.Thank you for this book during this horribly tragic time we are all enduring due to the severe mental illness of Trump in the White House.The White House will need considerable cleaning after Donald is gone, and COVID-19 is the least of the reasons.

  • Debster Posted November 30, -0001 12:00 am

    Every voter must read this book—especially if they are even REMOTELY considering a vote for Donald J Trump. This book is an awakening for the American Experiment. How could we have gone so wrong that misinformed voters elect a Narcissistic sociopath as POTUS with 2.6 million fewer votes than his opponent, while aided by a hostile foreign power…?Dr. Mary Trump’s book clearly illustrates her uncle’s disturbed mind from its early development. This is yet another example of American failure. If DJT had attended public school, where Daddy’s money couldn’t rescue him, would he have gotten the help he so desperately needed as a young boy? Perhaps he would not be the monster he is today.Another disturbing point… DJT’s personality disorders are shockingly similar to those of Adolf Hitler, as are his ideals and behavior. Thank you, Dr. Trump, for your insightful—and badly needed—work. #voteblue2020tosaveAmerica

  • Catherine Posted November 30, -0001 12:00 am

    With her psychological expertise and intimate knowledge of the Trump family, Mary Trump is one of only a handful of people who could have written such an insightful and comprehensive expose of what makes Donald Trump tick. She certainly is the only one who has had the courage to do so. Her book is a must read that I highly recommend.

  • Learn, Help others Posted November 30, -0001 12:00 am

    As one matures and becomes an adult, it’s their choice to address their behavior. Usually, by common social consciousness, one realizes how to treat others. There’s no excuse as we are all responsible for our own adult behavior.

  • Stacey Harlan Posted November 30, -0001 12:00 am

    The book consists largely of sophomoric psycho-babble purporting to delineate the psychological underpinnings of Donald Trump. The authors hatred and contempt for her subject eclipse the few interesting familial vignettes, ultimately producing a remarkably boring book that is also plagued by extreme leftist hyperbole.

  • Engineer Posted November 30, -0001 12:00 am

    If you’re looking for book that’s written by someone who doesn’t really know how to write a book, by all means buy this item.I expected something completely different from a sour-toned interpretation of the events as she saw them. I’m not interested in supporting Trump family drama and I would return this sorry excuse for a documentary. I’ll keep it as a reminder to wait until I have the chance to read excerpts before I buy a book of any kind. My mistake.

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