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Accidentally in Love ebook by Belinda Missen

Don’t miss the new laugh-out-loud rom com from the author of One Week ’Til Christmas!

Perfect for fans of Mhairi McFarlane, Rosie Walsh and Josie Silver.

In the space of a week, Katharine Patterson has quit her job, decided to move back home, and broken up with the guy she thought was the one. No big deal.

Because Katharine has a plan. She’s going to open her own art gallery, just like she’s always wanted. What she’s not going to do is worry about boyfriends.

Then she meets Kit, a handsome and talented local artist. He might be the most stubborn person Katharine has ever met. He might also make her feel like no one ever has before.

Accidentally in Love ebook by Belinda Missen

Romance Ebooks

Romance Ebooks

New & Hot Romance Ebooks

New & Hot Romance Ebooks

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Dark Song ebook by Christine Feehan

By Christine Feehan

Two Carpathians find hope in the bond that ties their souls in this passionate novel in Christine Feehan’s #1 New York Times bestselling series.

Stolen from her home at a young age and tormented for centuries, Elisabeta Trigovise is scared to show herself to anyone. Even though she has been rescued and is now safe within the Carpathian compound, she has lived in fear for so long she has no idea how to survive without it.

Romance Reads on Sale

Romance Reads on Sale​

One Plus One - A Novel ebook by Jojo Moyes

by Lenora Bells 

Beach Read ebook by Emily Henry

by Emily Henry

Chaos Reigning - A Novel ebook by Jessie Mihalik

by Jessie Mihalik

Nothing But Trouble ebook by Amy Andrews

by Amy Andrews

Trending Now in Romance

Trending Now in Romance



The Roommate ebook by Rosie Danan

By Rosie Danan

House Rules:
Do your own dishes
Knock before entering the bathroom
Never look up your roommate online

The Wheatons are infamous among the east coast elite for their lack of impulse control, except for their daughter Clara. She’s the consummate socialite: over-achieving, well-mannered, predictable. But every Wheaton has their weakness. When Clara’s childhood crush invites her to move cross-country, the offer is too tempting to resist. Unfortunately, it’s also too good to be true.

These romances deserve some love

These romances deserve some love​

Indie Romance

Indie Romance

Love At First Laugh

Love At First Laugh​

New in Historical Romance

New in Historical Romance​

Someone to Romance ebook by Mary Balogh

by Mary Balogh

The Heart Goes On - An absolutely heartbreaking historical romance novel ebook by Kate Hewitt

by Kate Hewitt

The Devil of Downtown - Uptown Girls ebook by Joanna Shupe

by Joanna Shupe

A Duke, the Lady, and a Baby - A Multi-Cultural Historical Regency Romance ebook by Vanessa Riley


Two Rogues Make a Right - Seducing the Sedgwicks ebook by Cat Sebastian

by Cat Sebastian

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