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The Mysterious Island


by Jules Verne


In Jules Verne’s classic adventure tale, a hot air balloon is swept off course only to land on a faraway desert island

In the midst of the American Civil War, five prisoners hijack a hot air balloon to make their escape. Caught in the winds of a violent storm, the balloon is blown far, far away from its point of departure in Richmond, Virginia. When the craft crash-lands, its passengers find themselves castaways on an exotic island. Here they are forced to contend with wild animals, pirates, and an active volcano—in a fight for their very survival.

Beloved for well over a century, The Mysterious Island is an enduring adventure classic by the masterful Jules Verne.

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About this book

710 Pages
15-17 Hours to read
193 Total words


The book tells the adventures of five American prisoners of war on an uncharted island in the South Pacific. Beginning in the American Civil War, as famine and death ravage the city of Richmond, Virginia, five northern POWs decide to escape in a rather unusual way? by hijacking a balloon! This is only the beginning of their adventures…


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