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The Lehman Trilogy

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by Stefano Massini


The Lehman Trilogy is one of the most anticipated plays to open on Broadway this spring: it lists the long-running rise of the Lehman Brothers, once the home of the American financial powerhouse of 2008’s collapse. Broadway closed when the play was previewed, but disappointed audience members and other English-language readers can enjoy the novelization-in-verse by playwright Stefano Massini, first published in Italy in 2016.


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Magnificent in scope,  internationally lauded, and transcendent, the novel in verse that inspired the sensational West End and Off-Broadway play of the same name. The Lehman Trilogy follows the epic rise and fall of three generations of that infamous family and through them tells the story of American ambition and hubris. 

After leaving his native Bavaria, Henry Lehman arrives in America determined to make a better life. Sensing an opportunity in the Deep South, he opens a textile shop in Alabama, laying the foundation for a dynasty that will come to dominate and define modern capitalism. Emanuel and his brother Mayer begin investing in anything and everything that will turn a profit, from cotton to coal to railroads to oil to airplanes—even at the expense of the very nation that forged them.

Spanning three generations and 150 years, The Lehman Trilogy is a moving epic that dares to tell the story of modern capitalism through the saga of the Lehman Brothers and their descendants. Surprising and exciting, brilliant and inventive, Stefano Massini’s masterpiece—like Hamilton—is a story of immigration, ambition, and success; it is the story of America itself from a daring and original perspective.

  • HarperCollins; June 2020
  • ISBN: 9780062940476
  • Title: The Lehman Trilogy
  • Author: Stefano Massini; Richard Dixon (trans.)
  • Imprint: HarperVia
  • Language: English

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“A grand morality tale about God, greed, conquest and family.”

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3 reviews for The Lehman Trilogy

  1. Crimson Codex Customer

    The Lehman Trilogy weaves together the specific history of the Lehman family and the bank the family founded, Lehman Brothers. But this is also a story of Jewish emigration to the United States and Jewish assimilation, of the growth of investment banking in the US, and ultimately about the traders’ mentality that took over Wall Street in the 1980s, all told in a powerful and elliptical verse style. I saw the US production in New York last year, which was stunning. The novel version is deeper, darker, more nuanced and even more powerful.

  2. joycesmysteryandfictionbookreviews

    The story of the Lehman Brothers is a fascinating one. When I first heard of the play, I thought that it was about the collapse of the firm during the financial crisis. I learned though that this is the story of the family as they left Bavaria, came to the U.S. and achieved much success, at least for a time.Interestingly, at a time when most immigrants came to New York, the first of the brothers went South. He was involved in textiles and living through the Civil War. The story follows him, his brothers and their families.This novel uses a free verse style. Some may not like this although I did. It made me go slowly and savor the text.Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.By the way, the play was excellent if you ever have the opportunity to see it. It was VERY long but the time flew by.

  3. Birmingham Bear

    The play is undeniably powerful, but the book is a revelation. Out of necessity, the play version had to pare down the complete story. The novel, however, offers the total picture. Initially I was skeptical of the text being in verse, but it is a beautiful way to render this epic tale of immigration, capitalism, ambition, and greed. It is An American Tragedy for the 21st Century, rooted in the 19th and 20th Centuries. I urge everyone to purchase and read this monumental work of World Literature.

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