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by Rafael Sabatini


Fans of outlaws and vigilantes will enjoy this classic adventure tale of a sword-fighting hero out for revenge during the French Revolution. A lawyer of unknown parentage raised by nobility, André-Louis Moreau had little concern for the plight of the lower class and the vast inequality in France until his friend, Philippe de Vilmorin, is killed in a duel after demanding justice for a murdered peasant. Outraged, Moreau speaks out against the aristocracy and his words sow the seeds of revolution. Wanted by the law, Moreau assumes the role of Scaramouche, the clown character in a group of traveling actors. His swashbuckling adventures include inciting a riot mid–theater performance, apprenticing at a fencing academy, and discovering a revelation about his past that leads to an unexpected romance. Utilizing his mastery of swordsmanship and oration to combat the corrupt nobility, Moreau is an iconic character whose story explores class, inequality, and the power of an individual to influence his society.

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About this book

474 Pages
10 - 11 Hours to read
137k Total words


A romantic tale of a young aristocrat’s adventures during the French Revolution. At one point the hero joins a theater troupe to portray ”Scaramouche”. He also becomes a lawyer, a politician, and a lover, confounding his enemies with his elegant oration and precise swordsmanship. An excellent swashbuckler!