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His Virgin Princess

(10 customer reviews)


by Grace Goodwin


Danielle arrives on Everis excited to meet her new mate. She watches as her friends find happiness while haunted by dreams of an Everian Hunter who will not come for her—a mate who refuses to claim her. But something isn’t right. The dreams turn dark. Tortured. Her mate is suffering, and nothing will stop her from finding him—especially not his stern orders to choose another, to protect herself above all others, and cherish her life above his own.

Gage of Everis is heir to a seat on the Seven, the ruling council of families that have held power on Everis for thousands of years. He’s the last prince of his line, the last surviving heir, and someone doesn’t want him to rise to his place on the ruling council. Betrayed, tortured and alone, Gage has found solace in knowing he’s protected his Marked Mate from sharing his fate. But his stubborn bride refuses to listen to reason.

When she finds him, there will be a reckoning. Not only is Gage determined to find those who betrayed him, but to conquer the wild hun


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10 reviews for His Virgin Princess

  1. Debbie Kilburn

    Three human girls left as Interstellar Brides. The first two met their mates right off. But Dani ‘s mate dream sharing telling her to find another one. And forget about him. Not likely! Her father had taught her to track and hunt her prey . She wasn’t going to give up on him. Gage was promised to her and she didn’t want another. So, she stole her backpack and set out to find him. She knew that she was the only one who could find him. She just followed the mate Mark on her hand. They were linked by it and their dreams. And she found him in a cave, inside of a metal cage in chains. She rescued him! But he didn’t know who was trying to kill him. The other girls and their Hunter mates went with the Prince and Danielle. At the ball, Dani and Gage’s mother disappeared. Gage went crazy with worry. The traitor finally showed his hand. That’s alot I will tell you. For the rest and all the juicy parts, you will have to read the book! And it’s for adults only! Yes yaw! I dearly recommend this whole series about these three girls as best friends and mates.

  2. Bookworm555

    I really love Grace’s Interstellar Bride series and all of its spin-offs. While my absolute favorite aliens are the Atlans (a pre-order for April’s Atlan/Colony book was posted today), all the books in this series are winners and I have purchased them all.Dani is fairly unique among the Interstellar brides at the Touchstone, whereas most are just Everian descendants with few Everian traits, Dani has some strong Hunter abilities which she puts to good use. This story plays out as a royal intrigue – someone if after the prince, but who is it and who can he trust? Good thing Dani has mated friends, who will help her out – thus giving us an extra dose of Everian Hunters with Bryn (His Virgin Bride) and Von (His Virgin Mate) playing a decent part of the story. There are some hot and steamy scenes as Gage claims Dani’s 3 virginities, but the story is strong and engrossing enough without them.Read the entire Interstellar series and enjoy but be prepared to have your heartstrings yanked when reading about the contaminated veterans headed for (or already on) The Colony.

  3. Jan

    How can you not love any of the Interstellar Bride books. They are all so good. I love that Dani is a no nonsense, tough cookie. I have to say out of the three “Virgins” she is my favorite. She wasn’t going to let Gage go. And was damn well going to fight hard for him and make him see that she was his everything. And she was. Gage, even though he was a Hunter, he didn’t want to endanger his Marked Mate. But he learned that Dani was no wilting flower. She was tough and THAT is what he needed. He adored her and boy did they have some seriously hot steamy sex, especially in the corridor. I cant wait for the next book but this time we will be going back to the Colony. And our favorite Atlan will finally find his mate.

  4. lmorgan2546

    Our bride at the touchstone awaiting her marked mate is getting into some interesting adventures.She is a hunter, too after all and not willing to sit idly by and wait for her mate to come to his senses. Dani sneaked out and follows her mates call…Saving him is just the beginning. Finding out her mate is a Prince isn’t really what Dani wanted, but her mate is worth everything.This sexy, funny, smart heroine and her “caveman” mate make this a great read.Can’t wait for the next book!


    So damn hot, it’s sizzling! This book, this series, is awesome. I really can’t say enough great things about Author, Grace Goodwin. She writes about males that are honored to have smart, funny, sweet and sassy human mates. They know how to treat the human women they have been blessed with and they never let their women go a day without feeling like she’s the most cherished being in the universe. I believe that’s why readers F’LOVE her stories! I know I do.

  6. Kindle Customer serenitynight

    Grace Goodwin is the only author whose book I will buy immediately after it becomes available. This is another amazing, hot addition to the Interstellar Bride’s series. Gage is a true alpha male, and so swoon worthy. Dam…I wish Warden Egara would put me thru the testing process. Would love to have an Atlan Warlord of my own. Love this series!

  7. Hanlie Pienaar

    Never tell a human female what she cannot do as she will just have to prove you wrong. Upon landing on the new planet, her mate does not arrive as he has been abducted and no one knows where. She who is a hunter too, sets out to find and save him. Once mated nothing or no one can keep them apart. Riveting!

  8. Beckyrae99 (Becky Wise)

    Hot and sexy. This one grabs your attention from the start. Dani is part of the Interstellar Brides program from Earth and is set to find her mate. Once she finds Gage holy wow is it hot and heavy. Gage may be her mate but he is also a prince. I love the chemistry between Gage and Dani. Once he returns home be prepared for a little twist that will keep you glued to the page. I couldn’t put this one down. Like other Grace Goodwin books this one brings in the sexy factor to go along with the alien worlds.

  9. J. Olivas

    I really loved Dani. She was such a strong, independent woman who wasn’t afraid to go after her mate Gage, when he was in trouble. I loved all of the passion and intrigue in this book. Of course, you can’t forget the chemistry between Gage and Dani! ?

  10. Kindle Customer

    I always pre-order where possible and don’t bother reading the title or details of a new book. I just hit buy. Her books are that good.Dan I being part Everian was a cool idea as I love badass female leads.I loved the online bride testing site. Such a brilliant idea!! I hope this world never ends as it has become so real and is a wonderful setting for so many different types of characters within so many races. All fascinating. ? Grace Goodwin ?

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