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Caesar and Cleopatra


by George Bernard Shaw


Collectors edition! Highly Recommended! I can’t resist any chance I can get to peek into the mind of a genius, and Shaw was a true genius. This story was delightful and brilliant. This was great. Instead of a love affair, we get a high-stakes game of chess with Cleopatra making calculated moves to secure the throne of Egypt, but her opponent, Caesar, excels at the game as well. Shrewd takes on Wise in this excellent battle of wits, giving us a refreshingly original story that portrays Cleopatra as a crafty politician seeking power rather than a romantic siren interested in an affair of the heart. This story was smart and funny. I loved it and wanted more when it was over. I’ll have to buy another one of his books.

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Set in Egypt, Caesar and Cleopatra, is a drama in which the 50-year-old Roman general meets the childish young Queen and exerts a fatherly influence on her.


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