Leaving the Amish community behind, Kate Burkholder was struggling to survive in Columbus, Ohio, when she met ambitious Gina Colorosa. They became friends, shared an apartment, and graduated from the police academy together. But when Gina started accepting freebies and bribes, their friendship foundered, and Kate eventually left to take a job as police chief in Painters Mill.
Now Gina’s in trouble with fellow vice squad officers who think she stole a pot of drug money they were supposed to share. She barely escapes with her life when a no-knock warrant brings them to her house in the dead of night. The only person she can trust even after 10 years of silence is Kate.
In the middle of a blizzard, Gina crashes her truck and almost freezes before she’s found by Amish widower Adam Lengacher, a childhood friend of Kate’s. When Kate arrives, Gina tells a sordid story of corruption at the highest levels and coverups concerning innocent civilians killed in a raid. The warrant out for Gina’s arrest and her own doubts about Gina’s incredible story put Kate in a tough spot.
So she calls her boyfriend, Bureau of Criminal Investigation agent John Tomasetti, for advice. Snowed in, Gina tries to adapt to living in an Amish home with three small children and Adam, who’s clearly attracted to her. While they wait for Tomasetti to mine his sources, several of the crooked cops plot to track her down and kill her in what will look like an arrest gone wrong.