An appealing tale that combines bright colors with easy rhymes and a can-do message.
A boy in a wheelchair travels the world to show that mobility doesn’t depend on being able to walk in this picture book.

Cor can’t walk, “however don’t count on the possibility that he is wheelchair-bound.” In rhyming expressions, Cor’s undertakings around the world in numerous sorts of transportation and to a wide range of spots are portrayed. Delineated at an early stage close to a globe, a guide, and his visa, Cor moves his advanced looking wheelchair on a safari ride and to the London Eye. On a Florida seashore, he utilizes a unique wheelchair with tanklike triangular tracks.

He meets Santa’s reindeer in Finland, kangaroos in Australia, and elephants in Africa. Cor can’t quit moving—and his excitement forever is clear in the grin all over in each picture. Presentation craftsman Moore utilizes beautiful, strikingly lined animation outlines against an all the more dynamically finished foundation in each image, catching a feeling of development in the energetic depiction of the principal character. Moore utilizes popular tourist spots to great impact, making the universal destinations promptly unmistakable. In any case, the areas portrayed are not legitimately gathered, as nations, states, urban communities, and landmasses are referenced heedlessly.

Lee, on whom the primary character is based, and Gilbreath utilize basic jargon in rhyming couplets that are effectively available for recently free perusers.

An appealing tale that combines bright colors with easy rhymes and a can-do message.
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