Irvine Welsh and Bret Easton Ellis are creating a satirical tv show about a tabloid magazine.

July 21, 2020, 12:45pm

Do we really need this right now? Fine. I’ll blog, you decide: according to Deadline, Irvine Welsh and Bret Easton Ellis are developing a series about “American tabloid culture” that will “chronicle a weekly publication across decades, a place where political correctness, morals, and ethics are left firmly at the door.” The best thing about that description is the way political correctness is, by association, elevated to societal good.
The show is called American Tabloid and it is unclear if by tabloid they mean “Bigfoot Fathered My Twins and Then Left Me For a Chupacabra” or “likes to horde immense leverage by purchasing dreadful stories of the powerful and burying them.” Or the NY Post. Whatever it is, all I can imagine is Aaron Sorkin on bath salts.