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Geode Bookend , Blue Agate Design


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Weight: 4 lbs 13 oz

This is a really beautiful pair of blue agate bookends blue geode bookends. Two sides have been polished. The back is rough and the base has been flattened but not polished. These bookends are heavy – ensure that they are used in a secure location on steady furniture where there is no risk of tipping.

I apply a layer of cork to the bottom of the bookends to prevent damage to your surfaces.

I have other pairs in stock – contact me if you are looking for something specific.

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All items are handmade and made custom for each order so delivery can take upto 8 days. 

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DCONEY Sep 5, 2019


Beautiful geode bookends!! A great seller & shipper!


Ava Aldrich Oct 17, 2020


I love it! It fits a smaller size mason jar perfectly. It’s so beautiful. It shipped fast too!



maddi17 Oct 16, 2020


Gorgeous variety and they work great!


Megan C Oct 15, 2020


So gorgeous and eye-catching. I highly recommend adding the little rubber feet!