From Twinkle with Love Book Review

FROM TWINKLE WITH LOVE BOOK REVIEW FROM TWINKLE WITH LOVE BOOK REVIEW       Menon’s (When Dimple Met Rishi, 2017) sophomore effort is an enchanting and complex romantic comedy that eclipses her past…    READ REVIEW FROM TWINKLE WITH LOVE BY SANDhya menon ‧ RELEASE DATE: may. 22, 2018 Aspiring producer Twinkle Mehra fills […]

Grown Book Review

GROWN BOOK REVIEW GROWN BOOK REVIEW​      Convincing; Jackson dominates in writing books steeped with social analysis and commentary.   READ REVIEW GROWN BY Tiffany d. jackson ‧ RELEASE DATE: sep. 15, 2020 A hopeful artist is exploited by a superstar.    Since moving to suburbia from Queens, 17-year-old Enchanted has been languishing. Despite the fact […]

The Magic Misfits Book Review

THE MAGIC MISFITS REVIEW THE MAGIC MISFITS REVIEW​         A sincere message about finding magic in the world and finding the family that suits you.    READ REVIEW THE MAGIC MISFITS BY Neil patrick harris ‧ RELEASE DATE: OCT. 19, 2017 Enchantment and mystery abound in this celebrity authored novel.   After […]

Cemetery Boys Book Review

CEMETERY BOYS REVIEW CEMETERY BOYS REVIEW​             Heart-Pounding     READ REVIEW CEMETERY BOYS BY AIDEN THOMAs ‧ RELEASE DATE: SEP. 1, 2020  A gay, transsexual brujo with thriving forces looks for answers about his cousin’s passing.  Sixteen-year-old Yadriel likewise wants for affirmation from his community however surprisingly winds up caught […]