Disloyal Book Review

DISLOYAL BOOK REVIEW DISLOYAL BOOK REVIEW​        An inflamed, regretful admission of crimes committed by and on behalf of the sitting president.   READ REVIEW DISLOYAL BY MICHAEL COHEN ‧ RELEASE DATE: sep. 8, 2020 Consider all that terrible things you’ve found out about Donald Trump. Fourfold it, and you know where this winding book starts.  […]

Intimations Book Review

INTIMATIONS BOOK REVIEW INTIMATIONS BOOK REVIEW       Tacitly amazing, deftly created essay demonstrates the veracity of the contagion of suffering.   READ REVIEW INTIMATIONS BY ZADie Smith ‧ RELEASE DATE: july. 28, 2020 Regretful, irate, deftly-made and strong reactions to unfavorable occasions.    With 2020 scarcely “mostly done,” fiction author and writer Smith offers a sharp […]

4 Of The Best Books On Politics You Must Not Miss To Read

4 Of The Best Books On Politics You Must Not Miss To Read Jacob Becker , Oct 02, 2020  There is an N number of books around the globe that are based on politics. Consequently, there are also many sources of e-book download from where you can download and read the books on politics.   Well, as whatever […]

Becoming Book Review

BECOMING BOOK REVIEW BECOMING BOOK REVIEW​      A fascinating journal just as an enthusiastic treatise on what phenomenal elegance under extraordinary tension looks like.   READ REVIEW BECOMING BY BEN Michelle obama ‧ RELEASE DATE: Nov. 13, 2018 The former first woman opens up about her initial life, her excursion to the White House, and the […]

11 Greatest Books Ever Written In the History of Literature

11 Greatest Books Ever Written In the History of Literature 11 Greatest Books Ever Written In the History of Literature Jacob Becker , Oct 02, 2020  Reading habit is cherished since the dawn of scripts! The human genus used various kinds of metal, leaves, and stones to give us the privilege of their invention. Early-on the […]

Agent Sonya Book Review

AGENT SONYA REVIEW AGENT SONYA REVIEW​       A gripping investigation of a surprisingly accomplished twentieth century spy.   READ REVIEW AGENT SONYA BY BEN MACINTYRE ‧ RELEASE DATE: SEP. 15, 2020 The awakening story of the Soviet Union’s most praised female government operative.    In the range of her long, vivid life, Ursula Kuczynski (1907-2000) rose […]

Caste Book Review

CASTE BOOK REVIEW CASTE BOOK REVIEW      An important, provocative book that uncovered an American history where only a few can be proud.   READ REVIEW CASTE BY Isabel Wilkerson ‧ RELEASE DATE: Aug. 11, 2020  The Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist chronicles the development and fortunes of social pecking order.    Caste is mainly associated with India, […]

Too Much and Never Enough Review

TOO MUCH & NEVER ENOUGH REVIEW TOO MUCH & NEVER ENOUGH REVIEW      Trickling with snideness, vibrating with fierceness, and sparkling with lucidity—a profoundly fulfilling read.    READ REVIEW TOO MUCH AND NEVER ENOUGH BY mary l. trump ‧ RELEASE DATE: july. 14, 2020  The long-anticipated tell-all from the president’s niece, a clinical psychologist.    […]

Most loved Autobiographical fiction

Most loved Autobiographical Fiction Most loved Autobiographical Fiction Jacob Becker , Sep 22, 2020  In Tim O’Brien’s “autofiction” a classic The Things They Carried, he expresses: “A thing may occur and be an absolute untruth; something else may not occur and be more genuine than reality.” The last conclusion may help clarify why certain creators decide to […]

A Promised Land By Barack Obama Blog

A Promised Land By Barack Obama A Promised Land By Barack Obama Jacob Becker , Sep 18, 2020   “There’s no feeling like finishing a book, and I’m proud of this one,” former President Barack Obama wrote on Twitter.   The much-awaited presidential memoir finally set to hit shelves on November 17 this year, post-2020 presidential election. […]