Disloyal Book Review

DISLOYAL BOOK REVIEW DISLOYAL BOOK REVIEW​        An inflamed, regretful admission of crimes committed by and on behalf of the sitting president.   READ REVIEW DISLOYAL BY MICHAEL COHEN ‧ RELEASE DATE: sep. 8, 2020 Consider all that terrible things you’ve found out about Donald Trump. Fourfold it, and you know where this winding book starts.  […]

Intimations Book Review

INTIMATIONS BOOK REVIEW INTIMATIONS BOOK REVIEW       Tacitly amazing, deftly created essay demonstrates the veracity of the contagion of suffering.   READ REVIEW INTIMATIONS BY ZADie Smith ‧ RELEASE DATE: july. 28, 2020 Regretful, irate, deftly-made and strong reactions to unfavorable occasions.    With 2020 scarcely “mostly done,” fiction author and writer Smith offers a sharp […]

The Man Who Ran Washington Book Review

THE MAN WHO RAN WASHINGTON BOOK REVIEW THE MAN WHO RAN WASHINGTON BOOK REVIEW​       A charming biopic that is profoundly relevant in the today’s America.   READ REVIEW THE MAN WHO RAN WASHINGTON BY PETER BAKER & SUSAN GLASSER ‧ RELEASE DATE: sep. 29, 2020 Apenetrating representation of an incredible Washington insider.    New York […]

From Twinkle with Love Book Review

FROM TWINKLE WITH LOVE BOOK REVIEW FROM TWINKLE WITH LOVE BOOK REVIEW       Menon’s (When Dimple Met Rishi, 2017) sophomore effort is an enchanting and complex romantic comedy that eclipses her past…    READ REVIEW FROM TWINKLE WITH LOVE BY SANDhya menon ‧ RELEASE DATE: may. 22, 2018 Aspiring producer Twinkle Mehra fills […]

The Idiot Book Review

THE IDIOT BOOK REVIEW THE IDIOT BOOK REVIEW​        Mindful, cerebral, and magnificent.   READ REVIEW THE IDIOT BY elif batuman ‧ RELEASE DATE: march. 14, 2017 A sweetly harsh first novel from an author whose work has showed up in the New Yorker, the Paris Review, and n+1.    It’s fall 1995, and Selin is […]

After the Wind Book Review

AFTER THE WIND BOOK REVIEW AFTER THE WIND BOOK REVIEW       A distinctive, close memoir that, with extraordinary clearness and scrupulousness, recounts a life-changing endurance story.   READ REVIEW AFTER THE WIND BY Lou kasischke ‧ RELEASE DATE: april. 1, 2014 In 1996, the most noticeably awful catastrophe in recorded Mt. Everest climbing history happened when, […]

The Girl on the Train Book Review

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN BOOK REVIEW THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN BOOK REVIEW​       Indeed, even the most clever readers will be in for a stun as Hawkins gradually unspools current realities, uncovering the brutal real factors of…   READ REVIEW THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN BY PAULA HAWKINS ‧ RELEASE DATE: JAN. 13, 2015 […]

Grown Book Review

GROWN BOOK REVIEW GROWN BOOK REVIEW​      Convincing; Jackson dominates in writing books steeped with social analysis and commentary.   READ REVIEW GROWN BY Tiffany d. jackson ‧ RELEASE DATE: sep. 15, 2020 A hopeful artist is exploited by a superstar.    Since moving to suburbia from Queens, 17-year-old Enchanted has been languishing. Despite the fact […]

Fifty Words for Rain Book Review

FIFTY WORDS FOR RAIN BOOK REVIEW FIFTY WORDS FOR RAIN BOOK REVIEW​       An intense historical portrait of a lady beating mistreatment defaced by conflicting character improvement.    READ REVIEW FIFTY WORDS FOR RAIN BY Asha lemmie ‧ RELEASE DATE: sep. 22, 2020 Born into to a respectable Japanese family during World War […]

Becoming Book Review

BECOMING BOOK REVIEW BECOMING BOOK REVIEW​      A fascinating journal just as an enthusiastic treatise on what phenomenal elegance under extraordinary tension looks like.   READ REVIEW BECOMING BY BEN Michelle obama ‧ RELEASE DATE: Nov. 13, 2018 The former first woman opens up about her initial life, her excursion to the White House, and the […]