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Grown Book Review

GROWN BOOK REVIEW GROWN BOOK REVIEW​      Convincing; Jackson dominates in writing books steeped with social analysis and commentary.   READ REVIEW GROWN BY Tiffany d. jackson ‧ RELEASE DATE: sep. 15, 2020 A hopeful artist is exploited by a...

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The Magic Misfits Book Review

THE MAGIC MISFITS REVIEW THE MAGIC MISFITS REVIEW​         A sincere message about finding magic in the world and finding the family that suits you.    READ REVIEW THE MAGIC MISFITS BY Neil patrick harris ‧ RELEASE...

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Cemetery Boys Book Review

CEMETERY BOYS REVIEW CEMETERY BOYS REVIEW​             Heart-Pounding     READ REVIEW CEMETERY BOYS BY AIDEN THOMAs ‧ RELEASE DATE: SEP. 1, 2020  A gay, transsexual brujo with thriving forces looks for answers about his cousin’s passing. ...

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