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Books that are really worth reading that we strongly recommend.

Books that are really worth reading that we strongly recommend.

Jacob Becker , Oct 24, 2020 

Reading to mind is what exercising is to your body. It helps you grow intellectually as an essential part of the society. It is only through the practice of reading that you can widen your horizon and learn different cultures and norms of the world. Whether you are an avid fiction reader interested in romance ebooks or a non-fiction reader who enjoys a good economics ebook, reading can present you with food for thought to feed your intellect. 

However, the practice seems to be lost upon the coming generations. But the individuals who read frequently can surely explain in plain words that how difficult it is to put down a good book once you have developed a keen sense of interest in the characters as well as the situational context. One might feel conflicted to determine what is a heftier task finding a good book or putting it down right in the center of a binge reading session. The following is a list of pointers specifying selected books that you will really enjoy if you are someone who prefers to spend his or her weekend reading modern literature. Read on in order to be able to plunge right into the details.

The Last Song ebook by Nicholas Sparks

If you cherish fictional romance ebooks, then you should definitely give a try to a stellar novel that The last Song is by renowned romance novelist Nicholas Sparks. The story unfolds the journey of a troubled teenager Veronica Miller who deep down blames herself for the separation of her parents and is trying to find herself. Upon being persuaded by her mother, she visits her father along with her younger brother to her father’s beach house in Wrightsville Beach. She stumbles across Will Blakelee. The story then continues where she falls in love with Will and bonds with her father over their shared love for music. The novel is a great read if you are a sucker for romantic gestures and root for a good father daughter bonding. 

Say Nothing - A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland ebook by Patrick Radden Keefe

The troubles in North Ireland is a great tragedy. Around 4000 individuals were killed as a result of the conflicts between Catholic republicans and British armed forces. All the shootings, riots, and bombings depict a rather dreadful story. Among the great number of people who died, there were some who just disappeared in thin air. The book ‘Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland’ written by Patrick Radden Keefe is a take on this mystery. You can find this among the list of top ten free non-fiction books online easily. However, this one is not for the faint-hearted but definitely worth a try if you enjoy mystery books.

Trick Mirror - Reflections on Self-Delusion ebook by Jia Tolentino

Trick Mirror is an unconventional book written as nine long essays by Jia Tolentino. Religion, drugs, feminism, and the ‘cult of the difficult woman’ are certain topics that are gravely discussed in the book, which are usually hushed away from the society, but Tolentino advocated that it is essential to discuss them to clear the air about certain misogynistic notions that have been prevailing in our society now for a long span of time. However, not a great number of readers seem to enjoy its online spread due to contradicting beliefs, but the book surely presents you with a peek into the patriarchal society and its never changing norms.

The Handmaid's Tale ebook by Margaret Atwood

If you are someone who gets highly anxious about the hype surrounding a particular book or a series and waits for it to die down, so you do not have any pressure when you actually start reading it, then it is highly likely that you have not read ‘The handmaid’s tale’ yet. The novel is dystopian in nature and is written by Margaret Atwood. The novel is set in 1985 and is based in a totalitarian state named Gilead. The novel is basically a take on the plight of subjugated women residing in a patriarchal society.

The Kiss Quotient ebook by Helen Hoang

When you want to read a heartwarming and endearing romance ebook, The Kiss Quotient by Helen Huong is the one that you should head out for. The book has been strongly appreciated by avid romance novel readers, and it is making quite a buzz on social media platforms. The book embarks on the journey of a professionally successful econometrician, Stella, who is in her early thirties. Even though she is making the best of her professional, but her dating life seems to be crumbling apart. In order to do this perfectly, she ends up hiring a male escort to teach her ways of dating. 

Swearing Is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language ebook by Emma Byrne

As a child, every individual is taught that foul words bring you no good and should be avoided at any cost. The book ‘Swearing Is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language’ belongs to the non-fictional category of books that unfolds the less explored side of the coin and explains ways backed up by science in which swearing can be a positive outlet for you to let all the negative vibrations move away from you. This is the debut book of Emma Byrne. This book is for readers who do not have a hard time dealing with subjective opinions. If you fit the category, then you are in for a great read.

When you have a good book to read, there could not be anything more enticing. Whether you like fictional books, romance ebooks, drama, thriller mystery, or hard-hitting non-fictional books, the above pointers will work as a mixed bag to offer a little something for every reading mood of yours. All of these books mentioned above are readily available in the ebook format on the official website of Crimson Codex. The online platform aims to present its readers with a wide range of reading books to choose from. Visit the official website of Crimson Codex in order to find more books to add you’re your reading list.

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