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4 Of The Best Books On Politics You Must Not Miss To Read

Jacob Becker , Oct 02, 2020 

There is an N number of books around the globe that are based on politics. Consequently, there are also many sources of e-book download from where you can download and read the books on politics.


Well, as whatever your political view is, it is sure that it has got constructed only after listing and reading many other points of views on politics on different concepts. However, as reading only expands your aura of knowledge, here are these four books on politics that you must read. These books are among some of the best books, which define the initial struggle of many movements, initiatives, riots to get rights and many other things. These books though are just a drop from the ocean, but these books can give you the starting point to start reading the books on politics. 


Republic by Plato & Translated By George Burges (Reference work, Utopian fiction)

The Republic by Plato, is a book that is the dialectic form. This book was written in approximately 380 BC. This book, as it is in the dialectic form, the dialogues are from different characters, namely, Cephalus, Polemarchus, Thrasymachus, Socrates, Glaucon, and Adeimantus. In this book, Plato primarily wanted to discuss ‘what really is justice.’ 

This book was written in a time when democracy was just a political notion. And to know, what really was justice, what is just for an individual and a society, Plato wrote this book. As there are different characters in this book, they all hold a different notion of justice. 

So, basically in the entire book, he tried to answer this question ‘What is justice’ explaining many different ideas and views of different mind-sets of people at that time. 


So, if you want to know how justice was defined for the very first time, then this is the book you should choose from the free nonfiction ebooks section to read. This book is a combination of philosophy, ideas, what mind-set people had, and many other things. It is also one of the best works of Plato, a political thinker. So, this one is a must-read book.

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman ebook by Mary Wollstonecraft

If you are a feminist or not, reading the very first feminist politics book, might indeed be there in your reading list. 

So, this book, ‘A Vindication of the Rights of Woman By Mary Wollstonecraft,’ is the very first book on feminism related to politics that was published.

In this book, the main argument is, the ‘women’ who are the educators of the future generation, have the right to get educated equally as men. Seeing the compasses of the society, a woman is the first school of a kid. However, if they are not educated, then the roots of the kids in education will never get stronger, as they will not have initial support. 


Alongside, as this book was written during the French Revolution, the ideas related to liberty, égalité, fraternity were well-received by the people. This book was a direct attack on the prevailing system of the showcased femininity and was a loud call for emancipation. Well, these ideas were not at that time taken into the action. But later they become the foundation for the suffragette and the other feminist movements that later took place.


You see, even today, women are fighting for many rights and equality in society in many nations. Despite having much power in this day and age, women are still struggling and we read about the same. To read about how these movements started, and how actually this idea came into being, reading this book will answer you all the questions.


Manifesto of the Communist Party ebook by Karl Marx

The book, ‘Manifesto of the Communist Party by Karl Marx’ was published on February 21, 1848. Fewer people know that book was one of the prominent, influential political manuscripts.

This is a book that features the hitherto existing society of that time that also showcased the class struggle. Explicitly, this book explored the capitalistic society that was materialistic. A society where the bourgeoisie exploited the proletariat to increase their wealth! As there was the control of a few members which exploited society as the whole, this book by Karl Marx defined the pattern of the revolution that society required and how to pave the path to communism. This manuscript when at first was published was obscured. But later in the 1870s, and during the communist revolution in 17917, this book became the foundation of democrat parties. 


So, to read how the change was rooted, from any source where you get the e-book download option, get this book, and read it.

4) The United States Constitution

The United States Constitution - with Amendments (XXVII) ebook by United States of America, James Madison

The united states constitution’s guiding principle is that people have “unalienable right,” this thought is the departure from the previously prevailing thought that right of the humans was ‘given’ to the people by state. In contrast to that, the founding father of the United State believed that it was indispensable to limit the power of the state.

For that, the framework for the organization of the United States Government was made. In this legal document that is the constitution, the different branches of the federal government and also individual states are separated. All the segregations are assigned with their powers, and also the leaders of the departments are specified. The constitution also outlines the rights of the American people. As this text can’t be ignored, this text is the foundation of political history and theory.


Now, the constitution of the United States has 448 Articles in 22 Parts, with 12 Schedules. To read them all, to know your rights, the powers of the offices, you can read The United States Constitution.


So, if you are a political science student, want to know about the roots of the politics, or if you are just a reader and have interest in non-fiction books, then read the books mentioned above. Those books are the real texts from the authors, which define the situation of the complete era and also the struggle they went through. Those struggles are the only reasons why we live in this reality. Though many of those philosophies are not relevant today, the foundation of today’s society was then sown. And the lifestyle, rights, political thoughts, ideologies that all we have today, is all stringed to that time. So, consider reading them. 


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